Interstate Revival is excited to announce the return of drummer and longtime friend 
David Decker.

“”I’am thankful for the opportunity to work with Dave Decker. As soon as I heard him play one of Interstate Revival's songs, I knew he was definitely what we needed to grow and excel! Looking forward to Interstate Revivals future!”” – Rachelle

“”Dave is my brother, and like any brothers relationship, ours can be interesting, especially when one brother is as annoying as me. With Dave, we speak the same language musically and spiritually. There are many times I have thrown a song or a musical idea his way, and what he plays is exactly what the song needs. If he’s given a song to learn he comes in knowing the song structure better than anyone. My excitement of a song, is always stronger after he’s laid down his groove. We sat down, Rachelle, MC and myself, probably over a month ago, when we found ourselves needing to right our ship, we put IR’s needs as top precedence over what we were dealing with. We quickly had a short list of people we wanted to reach out to, and had already began the reaching out process. As we spoke together and prayed it became quickly clear, instead of hoping someone will come in and will give us what we can do with Dave, why not reach out to the man himself. After the first song we jammed together, there was an audible sigh of relief in the room. We usually practice on Monday nights, I catch myself waking up every Tuesday, a lil bummed that I have to wait a whole week to jam with these guys again..”” - Aaron

“”Dave has been a lot of fun to work with. He has a great sense of timing, and wonderful drumming creativity. Plus he likes to laugh, which is a must for our band. Glad to have Dave on board!”” – Michael

The band is currently prepping for stage and studio, as the band will make their live debut with Dave on Sat June 8th at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI. The band found that some of what was tracked for IR 2 was used without their knowledge, and in a way against the intent of the band and its material, so everything that was recently tracked for IR 2 will be retracked in a way that properly represents the band. The last few weeks has seen the band working on both all new material, and new arrangements of some songs the band never had the chance to release.
Much, much more to come