Hey all

So what's new. Well our new album, IR 3 is now available!

The band recently released the album with a video for the album opener, Ease My Mind,

and a lyric video for the song How Many joined the already released lyric video for the track called Running Out Of Shadows.

Track listing for the album:

1. Ease My Mind (A Lucas)

2. Do I Look Worried To You (R Lucas, A Lucas)

3. Won't Be Your Fool (R Lucas, A Lucas)

4. How Many (A Lucas)

5. Can't Always Blame the Devil (A Lucas)

6. Running Out of Shadows (A Lucas)

7. Back To The Dream (A Lucas)

8. Because of You I Breathe (A Lucas)

9. Can't Stay the Same (A Lucas)

10. I Want Back (A Lucas)

11. Refuse to Believe (A Lucas)

12. Se Repentir' - instrumental (A Lucas)

13 Ready To Go (A Lucas)

check it out and drop us a line and let us know what you think!