Rachelle Lucas - vocals       Aaron Lucas - guitars & vocals       Mike "MC" Curren - bass       Dave Decker - drums


Interstate Revival began in 2016, drawing influence from a range of styles including jazz, blues, funk, progressive rock, and roots rock. The musical work of each member both separately as well as together has found them experiencing opportunities working multiple stages in the bands home of Detroit and throughout the United States, along with dates internationally.

Quickly after forming, the band worked to release their debut recording entitled, Pull. While thankful for the recording, the desire and urge to dig deep both stylistically and contextually rapidly increased. Currently, the band, with bassist Michael Curren and drummer Dave Decker are currently writing and producing songs for a follow up to Pull, which they hope to begin recording in 2019, and also continue to add live dates to their schedule that will hopefully broaden their fan base and audience. The new material features a stronger groove, and more musicianship in than previous efforts, while maintaining the blues and soulful textures the band is already known for. Also with the new material the bands lyrical content will continue to discuss social causes, spirituality and life issues that their fans are already familiar with.

The band is honored that over the years they have been able to support important causes like Michigan’s own Stand Down, a local charity fundraiser for Veterans, as well as local Children’s Charities. Both of which the band hopes to continue to support. Based in Detroit, the band already knows and feels they are near some of the best talent in the world. They eagerly look to take band to new heights, paying respect and homage to their vast array of influences.